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~ How to make money with your Privaposts profile ~

Privaposts get paid for instagram posts

**Disclaimer: The link to this guide can be found in your Content Creator “Welcome to Privaposts” email that you received after setting your subscription price for the first time

This guide was created by one of our extremely successful content creators, an Instagram influencer model, who earned over $11,000 USD in 22 hours with only 19,000 Instagram followers.

You don’t need a large following to be earn money with your Privaposts profile. Post your best content based on your followers, then promote your posts across all your socials with the help of the tips and guidelines below.

There are many ways to use your Privaposts profile to post content and earn money

Privaposts - Influencer Creator Gold cat - How to make money on Youtube

Firstly, before we dive into marketing tips, here is an outline of different ways you can use your Privaposts membership profile to earn money and provide exclusive content.

  • Your profile can be used as a one-off album of exclusive content that you can keep posted in your socials, such as BTS from a specific shoot, party, trip, event, project etc.
  • A place to raise funds for a project through tips and donations on top of your subscription income.
  • Post uncensored exclusive and explicit content that is too hot for regular social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.
  • An ongoing source of revenue if you want to post content regularly to actively grow your profile
  • To sell custom content via our Pay Per View message feature. You can sell diet plans, custom designs, customer workouts, custom photos and videos
  • Even if you currently use another platform, you can create a Privaposts profile so that your followers can enjoy the unique features of the site that other sites and apps don’t have. After promoting your profile across all your socials, just create an Instagram Highlights album with ‘Swipe Up’ links and let it sit there and passively accumulate subscribers. Although we recommend actively promoting and refreshing your promotions weekly in case some of your followers missed your other posts

3 Simple steps to make money with your Privaposts profile:

Privaposts - Influencer Content Creator cat - How to make money on Youtube


  • Set a lower price for your first week or first couple of weeks and promote this price as a discounted price. e.g. $9.99 if followers sign up in the first week.
  • Tell your followers the normal price is something higher such as $29.99,
  • When your discount period ends, tell your followers you won’t put price up to the full price. Instead, say you will keep it at another discounted price, which is higher than your launch price, but lower than your full price so that followers feel like they are still receiving a discount.


  • Post all your premium, exclusive, uncensored content on your profile!
  • Post at least 5-10 pieces of content (photos or videos) before launching your page so that your followers have some content to view and interact with when they first follow.
  • The more content you have posted, the more enticed your followers will be to follow.
  • The amount of posts you’ve made will show in your profile so your followers will see when they land on your page


  • Post censored previews of your posts on all your socials with a direct link to your Privaposts profile i.e.
  • Use ‘Swipe up’ links where possible e.g. on Instagram and Snapchat.

Tips on how to promote your Privaposts profile to maximize subscriptions

Privaposts get paid for instagram posts GENERAL STRATEGIES:

In general we see 1%-5% of followers paying to subscribe to exclusive uncensored content. This of course all depends on how many followers you have, the quality of your content, the engagement level of your followers and the industry you are in, as well as other factors. However, there are general marketing and promotional strategies that you can use to increase the amount of social media followers subscribing to your Privaposts profile:

  • Announce your Privaposts page on every outlet possible with your profile URL i.e.
  • Share your Privaposts profile in your social media posts.
  • Tell your followers how often you’re going to post and the type of content you will post. Include it in your Privaposts profile bio as well to set expectations.
  • Mention @Privaposts and #Privaposts in your posts – we’ll be looking for them!
  • Pin the posts to the top of your feeds.
  • Be sure to include a couple sentences about how Privaposts works e.g. “Privaposts is a social media platform that has allowed me to set a monthly subscription price on my exclusive, uncensored and premium content. I’m really excited that I can now share my best content with you that I haven’t been allowed to post on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube! I will be posting x type of content x times a week. You can also message me and request personalised content 🙂

Privaposts - Instagram Logo - How to make money on Instagram INSTAGRAM:

  • Firstly, tag @Privaposts and #Privaposts in your posts so we can repost you
  • Instagram story with swipe up link (Must have more than 10k followers or a business account for the ‘Swipe Up’ function.
  • Instagram highlights – Keep an Instagram highlights album of your censored content on your profile. You can call it “Exclusive” or “Uncensored” or “Premium” etc content. Make sure the posts in your highlights
  • Keep your Privaposts profile link in your profile description
  • Post permanent photos or videos on your profile with either censored images, images that are enticing, or teaser clips
  • Paid Sponsored Instagram posts that promote your profile with ‘Swipe up’ links

Privaposts - Snapchat ghost Logo - How to make money on Snapchat SNAPCHAT:

  • Post snapchat censored photos and teaser videos to your story with ‘swipe up’ links to your Privaposts profile

Privaposts - Facebook Logo - How to make money on Facebook FACEBOOK:

  • Promote on your fan page/s
  • Post on your personal profile
  • Make sponsored posts to your fans

Privaposts - Twitter Logo - How to make money on Twitter TWITTER

  • Tweet censored previews of your posts with a link to your profile.
  • Tag @Privaposts and #Privaposts

Privaposts - Youtube Logo - How to make money on Youtube YOUTUBE

  • Post preview videos with links on your video and links in your description.
  • Use keywords such as: Privaposts, Instagram Influencer, Youtube Influencer, paid influencers, how to make money on Instagram, how to make money on youtube

Privaposts - Tinder Logo - How to make money on Tinder TINDER

  • Include your Privaposts profile URL in your dating apps such as Tinder.
  • Have a message explaining how your exclusive content can be found via your Privaposts posts profile link.
  • Include censored photos in your profile photos. You can even include wording about your exclusive content on the photos.


Post your link everywhere and on all other social media apps:

  • Send emails
  • texts
  • soundcloud
  • mixcloud
  • LinkdIn
  • Tumblr
  • Vimeo
  • Tic Tock
  • Twitch

Earn more money with your creator friends!

Refer your creator friends by using your referral link. You earn 5% (LIFETIME) of all Subscription income, tips, and Pay Per View Message revenue made by any user that joins via your referral URL. It does not include income your referred user earns through their own referrals. Users must sign up with your code for you to receive the 5%. The 5% gets taken our of Privaposts share, so your friend will still receive 80% commission.

Maintaining and growing your referral portfolio to earn more passive income:

  1. Increase the number of referrals
    1. Send your link to all your friends – text them, dm them, make a post on your instagram story and snapchat with a swipe up link using your URL. You can even send screenshots of your earnings to entice them! Find your link here >>
    2. Template message to send your friends
    3. Template message for your posts
  1. Increase revenue of your current referrals
    1. The more money your friends earn, the more money you earn! So start promoting your friends profiles on your socials too! Not as aggressively as your profile, but you can do a range of things, such as:
      1. Exchange shout outs
      2. Create an Instagram Highlights album of your friends, with ‘swipe up’ links to their Privaposts profiles
      3. Do collabs with your friends. Create content together and post half the content on one of your profiles and the other on your friends profile so you entice your subscribers to subscribe to both you and your friend if they want to receive the full content.

Instagram Highlights Icons

We have also attached a range of Instagram highlight covers for you. These Instagram highlight icons can be saved onto your phone by holding the image with your finger and clicking “Save”:

4 Privaposts Butterfly logo + circle - Make money on Instagram Highlights

Privaposts - Instagram Highlights cover - white logo & gradient background

Privaposts - Instagram Highlights icons free - gradient logo and circle - black background

Privaposts - Instagram Highlights covers - gradient logo & white background

Privaposts - Instagram Highlights covers - black logo + gradient outline + white background

Privaposts - Instagram Highlights covers - white logo + gradient outline + black background

Privaposts - Instagram Highlights icons - gold logo and circle - black background

Privaposts - Instagram Highlights covers - silver logo and circle - black background

Privaposts Butterfly logo - Make money on Instagram Highlights

Instagram highlight icon below has a transparent background:

Privaposts - Instagram Highlights covers - gradient logo & transparent background

You may ask how do Instagram influencers make money?

Instagram influencer, Instagram famous, celebrity influencer,  Youtube influencers, prank videos…become a paid influencer and you will see how to make money on Instagram.

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